Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DM Accreditation Dept holds Open Forum with customers

The Customer Relations Department of Dubai Municipality organized an open forum between the Accreditation Department of the Municipality and its customers, who included the laboratories, accredited to the Municipality and registered private laboratories.

The forum was attended by more than 100 people representing laboratory managers, technical staff and some members of the technical committee for the accreditation of laboratories, in addition to David J Stanger, member of the Governing Board of International Union of Independent Laboratories (UILI). The customers' forum was organized by the department in order to achieve customer satisfaction on the services it provides.

Khalid AbdulRahim Abdullah, Director of Customer Relations Department said the Customers' Forum is a project that allows the concerned departments to understand the needs of major clients of these departments and to satisfy their needs and listening to the grievances to reach out to increase customer satisfaction and improve the development and diversification of services and clients.

The Department chose the most important customers from among the company owners who deal with the concerned departments (in terms of number of transactions). Dubai Municipality invited them to attend an open forum with the Director of Department and Heads of Sections and concerned officials from other departments. An overview of the services of the Department was presented in the forum, in addition to conducting a panel discussion for the exchange of ideas and suggestions and to identify the needs of the customers.

He pointed out that the project aims to interact with the public to achieve their satisfaction, give them the opportunity to put forth their enquiries and suggestions, to identify their needs, develop new services to meet the needs and expectations of customers, improve and develop existing services, and develop human resources.

The customers of the Accreditation Department among the companies and establishments, who attended the forum, expressed their comments and passed on their impressions about the level of satisfaction with the services provided by the Department, the most prominent of them were presented in the forum. In addition to that discussions were held about some of the services that need to be developed as per the nature of the work that are linked with the Municipality.

Amina Ahmad, Director of Accreditation Department gave a brief presentation on the nature of the work of the Department and its activities such as the accreditation of laboratories working in the field of building materials, environmental testing, and medical laboratory accreditation. She also touched upon the accreditation of the inspection bodies working in the areas of safety, such as cranes, escalators and elevators and accreditation of certification bodies, especially those working in the fields of food testing and HACCP certification.

She also pointed out the training activities undertaken by the Department for the customers in order to improve their performance consistent with international specifications and standards and best practices in the world, in addition to the future plans and expansion in the areas of work of the Department.

Ahmed emphasized the need to hold such forums that contribute to the improvement of services and the transfer of customer feedback on the level of services and how to achieve the desired goals.

Dr. Mohammed Saad talked about the latest international specifications and requirements and the importance of accreditation in the improvement and development of the work of accredited laboratories. He also introduced a method of continuing education the Department plans to present on its website in order to measure and develop the performance of technicians working in the laboratories.

Dr. Yasser Saleh presented the registration requirements of laboratories and inspection bodies as per the Local Order No. 52 of 1990. He stressed that the process of registration with Dubai Municipality include more than 86 testing laboratories and inspection bodies. It also deals with skill test programme, organized by the Department among the accredited and registered laboratories to measure and track their performance and to ensure the credibility of the results produced by them. He also pointed out that the Department has organized more than 174 programmes.

It is worth mention that these forums were involved by the departments that have a large segment of customers such as Food Control Department, Dubai Central Laboratory Department, Building Department, Finance Department, and Waste Management Department.

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