Thursday, March 5, 2009

RAK Economic Development Dept delegation briefed on DM experience

A delegation from the Department of Economic Development, Government of Ras Al Khaimah, headed by its Deputy Director General Mr. Mohammed Hassan Al Shamsi and the Deputy Director of the Department of Studies and Statistics Dr. Taleb Hayali visited Dubai Municipality recently to get a brief on the Municipality's achievements in many areas.
The visit was part of the exchange of experiences and information between governmental departments and organizations in the country in order to benefit from the pioneering experiences carried out by Dubai Municipality during the last period.
The Ras Al Khaimah delegation was received by Mr. Mohammed Abdul Karim Julfar, Assistant Director General for Corporate Support Services Sector along with Ibrahim Yaqoub, Director of Contracts and Purchasing Department, Eng. Dawood Al Hajiri, Director of Planning Department, Ms. Afrah BuKatara, Head of Special Contracts and Investment Section and Mr. Mohsen Al Ghandour, Tenders Specialist in the Contracts and Purchasing Department.
Mr. Julfar explained the municipality's keenness to have full cooperation with the various government departments in the country. Mr. Hajiri gave a detailed presentation about the distribution of areas in the Emirate of Dubai between residential, industrial, and tourist areas and the rules that control the building projects.
Mr. Yaqoub explained the role of Contracts and Purchasing Department at the conclusion of agreements concerning the municipality and also mentioned the Dubai Municipality experience in creating a market for used cars, sale of shops through auction and the privatization of the management of vehicles auction. Mr. Al Shamsi thanked Dubai Municipality officials for providing the information.

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