Saturday, March 10, 2012

IMA commemorates the International Women’s Day

IMA Middle East is proud to be a part of the celebration on the occasion of the International Women’s Day (8th March); a global day that celebrates women’s social, economic and political achievements of past, present and looks into the future with a general celebration of appreciation and compassion towards women.

In honor of International Women’s Day, IMA is participating as one of the main sponsors at the 15th Global Women Leaders Conference on March 7 - 8, 2012 in Dubai, UAE that witnesses the coming together of topnotch women leaders, professionals and women entrepreneurs regionally and globally. This event aims at inspiring, empowering, and connecting businesswomen, women leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, social entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, and government leaders.

The attendees will be women from Government Institutions, Business Sector, Financial Institutions, Women's Organizations, Regional and International Diplomatic Bodies, Universities, Colleges, Unions and Women's Associations, Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Centers of Business.

March 7th, day one of the two day Conference is being held at Burj Al Arab and the 2nd day at Armani Hotel. The Speakers will be Women leaders from both global and regional level.

NIKKI WALKER, Vice President, Global Association Management & Consulting MCI and Global Advisor for IMA will be a bringing together the synergies of powering your potential via CMA certification and bringing her thoughts to concepts such as Women Leaders Role in the 21st Century Knowledge Management, Education and Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders and Managing Change in the Changing World – Modern Management Approach.

Participants can also visit the IMA interactive booth that will provide information for financial professionals in business and management accounting professionals. Special giveaways will be given at the booth and an opportunity to win prizes for those who register for the raffle.

Women in the Middle East have made notable contributors to practically all areas of business and management.  IMA aims to focus on women as key players in the region’s economic growth; highlighting their contributions and bring out constructive recommendations to better their participation.  IMA wants to help direct them towards greater aspirations in their professional lives and to provide them with a new perspective on their roles as leaders.
IMA compliments and celebrate all professionals, women leaders and women entrepreneurs.

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