Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dubai Municipality reviews ongoing projects in Hatta.

As a step to accelerate the pace of ongoing restoration projects, a team of DM high officials has recently visited the heritage area of Hatta.
The team, which was on a visit to closely examine the needs and aspirations of the citizens of Hatta was headed by Eng Abdullah Raffia, Assistant Director General in charge of  General Support Services .
Accompanied by  Khalil Ali Hussain, Director, Municipality Centres Department ,Khaleefa Hareb, Assets Management Department and Juma  Khalifa Al Fuqaee, Director, General Maintenance Department, he held a meeting with  Omer Saeed Al Matyuee  who heads the Municipality Centre at Hatta and other concerned officials, on the projects being on and on which have to be commissioned for future.
While talking about the visit, Eng Abdullah Raffia said “ Hatta has been always on Municipality’s preference list. As we are keen on preserving our heritage and tradition we are committed to support the area.
After the meeting the team toured the various sites there, such as  the fountain project at the entrance ,the expansion of  event hall annexed to the traditional Masjid, abattoir, and the Hatta market. They found time to visit the  Hatta city and watched the dilapidated old houses to be renovated and  the worksite at Shareea Area where the team directed the concerned groups with  necessary instructions.
“We have reviewed the style and pace of the projects being on here and have directed the concerned persons and teams on what is lacking. Analyzing the present situation with Municipality officials here and understanding the people’s needs we  are planning for other important steps in future said Eng. Abdulla after visiting the sites.
Previously Dubai Municipality has framed many projects related to  the preservation of the heritage sites and the Municipality services available in the Area. As Municipality is keen on the heritage Area it has become one of the prime tourist attraction of UAE .The book DM has recently  released on Hatta that includes a comprehensive picture of the area is said to be very useful for the visitors.

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