Sunday, March 4, 2012

DM observes 32nd forestation week opening Port Saeed Plaza Park

Eng. Hussein Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality, on Sunday has inaugurated Port Saeed
Plaza Park as part of the activities of the 32nd forestation week involving all municipalities of the state during
the period from 4 to 8 March 2012. The opening ceremony was attended by HE Mohammed Al Naboodah,
HE Yacob Yusuf in the presence of Assistant Director-Generals and senior officials.
Lootah said that establishing parks has a big role in the social development due to its direct link with family
entertainment and development of environment and communities. We considered the climate change and
global environmental situations aiming the reduction of environmental pollution, gas emissions and savings
in energy consumption.
“The Municipality applied highest international standards for buildings and green cities, to preserve our
natural resources and environment. The ​ green roofs save 25% of the power. Therefore, the idea of ​ green
roofs and heat insulation plants has been implemented in most of our projects, residential parks, and
squares,” he said.

“Port Saeed Park also considered in this criteria, where people can enjoy open parks with facilities
made out of recycled materials. It is expected to be a place for social interaction, activities, comfort,
relaxation and fun in the downtown,” he added.
Ahmed Abdul Karim, Director of Public Parks and Horticulture said Port Saeed Plaza Park is one of the Plaza
parks in ​ Port Saeed city with total area of ​ 1.9 hectares. The total cost of garden amounted to AED 3 million,
which is designed in accordance with the common system of landscaping combining the engineering and
nature. We can see radial symmetry through the homogeneity of the trees on roadsides and walking tracks
in park, while the non-symmetrical green hills and curved lines in some areas and flowers are the natural
The department planted 180 trees to provide shade and different seasonal trees, which gives diversified
flowers and aromas in addition to 650 meters of flowering bushes and 752 meters of jasmine bushes along
with green walls.
The park boasts an area of ​ 7909 square meters of cultivated soil with many types of bushes and small trees
and an area of ​ 2000 square meters of petunias in addition to 5904 square meters of landscaping. The park
has jogging track of 990 meters length and three meters width for walking and running.

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