Saturday, March 17, 2012

DM organizes lecture on Arabic language

Arabic Language Team with Dubai Municipality has recently organized a lecture on Arabic language
titled “Arabic language: beauty and richness” in connection with Arabic language day and it was
delivered by Dr. Aziz Bin Farhan Al Anzi, who serves as the Director of the Saudi Propagation and
Guidance Centre, Dubai.

In his lecture, he stressed the high standards of Arabic and the importance it posses in view of the
historical and traditional aspects as well as the present day to day life. He highlighted the role of
Islamic Shareea scholars, both old and contemporary, in making this language rich and taking it new
heights and breadth.

“We have to instil the love of language in the minds of youngsters at the stage of childhood itself.
We have to recapture the beauty and aesthetics our language in our daily life discourses” urged Dr.
Aziz Bin Farhan Al Anzi.

He also drew the attention of gathering to the religious aspects of language saying it is the
language of Holy Book Quran and the great Prophet of Islam used to engage with his audience
through this very language.

After the lecture, Abdulla Abdul Rahman, Director, Knowledge Department , presented him the
commemorative gifts from the Arabic language Team.S

Hussain Fardaan ,Head of the Studies and Knowledge Resourses Section and Huda Azeez, head of
the Knowledge exchange Section also attended the program.

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