Sunday, July 5, 2009

Students get summer training at DM

Dubai Municipality has begun this year's summer training programme for students last week. The students, who are from various categories of education from grade ten to higher levels of university, have been distributed among various departments and sections of the Municipality, where they will be working as employees throughout the training period, which will last until 6 August.
The move is part of Municipality's policy of encouraging students to utilize their free time in useful community service.
Ahmed Ibrahim Al Zarouni, Head of Human Resources Development Section said that the activities this year include a number of educational programmes that benefit the students.
Al Zarouni said that the student trainees were distributed in different departments depending on their choice and their past experience. "The Municipality took into account the place of their residence and proximity to areas of training, and also the employment of family members who work for the Municipality in order to provide them an environment suitable for work," he said.
Al Zarouni said that the summer training will provide the students with the opportunity to know the different services provided by the Municipality to the public, and some rules and regulations that it implements, as well as give students the opportunity to get acquainted with the nature and circumstances of work in the Municipality.
He added that Dubai Municipality is one of the largest local government departments that attracts a large number of interns each summer, and it provides them with an optimal working environment to spend the summer, and the work they do during their summer vacation becomes useful to them in the future, especially for those who wish to join the Municipality later as priority is given to the trainees on applying for work in the Municipality at a later stage.
He pointed out that the training program includes a stipend between Dhs1,000 to Dhs2,400 per month depending on their current academic level, and will be treated as a trainees in the Municipality with respect to their presence in work and their commitment to job regulations.

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