Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lootah Group meets with the leadership

Eng. Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality recently held a special meeting with the senior leadership team of the Municipality, in which he discussed many topics that are related to employment and job satisfaction in the civic body and the efforts being made towards the creation of an excellent work atmosphere in the Municipality.
Eng. Redha Salman, Director of Public Health and Safety Department gave a presentation on the achievements regarding the requirements of the standards in emergency and risk management. He also presented the Emergency Plan of Dubai Municipality, during which he explained the concepts and terminology of crises and disasters, then provided an overview of the plans, procedures and instructions that must be carried out in the event of a crisis and the importance of dealing with them during such occasions.
The Municipality Action Team for Crisis presented the role played by each department according to the events, and also the achievements of Department in project for emergency, crisis and risk management, in addition to the terms of reference of the development of plans and policy development of the plans and the mechanisms and facilities to be used during crises and disasters.
The Director General stressed the importance of an internal planning for the departments to deal with the crisis, with a rate of risks that might be exposed to by the departments, and determine their relevance and priorities in terms of the crisis they might have achieved.
Qamar Redha Fadhlani, Head of Policy and Studies Section presented the report of the results of job satisfaction survey at the Municipality level as in 2008, during which he gave the strong and weak points in the report, ways of improvement, corrective actions, and opportunities for career development.
Fadhlani also talked about the role of Human Resource Department in enhancing the percentage of satisfaction and the role department leaders to support and promote the achievement of job satisfaction in the civic body.
Lootah stressed on the need for communication with staff at all levels, and the need to enhance the study of the strengths and weaknesses and the role that must be played by the Municipality towards them.
Ahmed Ali Al Shehhi, Director of Partnership Department gave a presentation on his department, during which he highlighted the efforts of the Municipality in supporting partnerships and projects submitted in this area.
He also talked about the accomplishments made through the partnerships and initiatives undertaken by the Municipality in various areas.
He also stressed the importance of creating awareness among the senior management and its support for partnerships, which had positive impact in strengthening the relations and linkages.
He also talked about partnership efforts and initiatives made by the Municipality with its partners.
Khalid AbdelRahim, Director of Customer Relations Department gave a presentation on the leadership role in managing the relationship with the customers and highlighted the most desirable aspects that have been undertaken to strengthen relations with customers and the most important initiatives in improving these aspects.
He also presented the actions and proposals that contribute to the promotion and achievement of customer satisfaction with the Municipality.
Lootah also reminded the Municipality officials of the importance of achieving customer satisfaction through various programmes and activities that contribute to the achievement of this objective.

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