Monday, July 13, 2009

Say Yes to a Clean Al Fahidi" campaign gets high response from public

The environmental drive organized by Dubai Municipality this year under the slogan, "Say YES to a Clean Al Fahidi," has received tremendous response from the public.

According to Khalid Mohammed Badri, Director of Corporate Marketing and Relations Department at Dubai Municipality said the campaign, which received 81% satisfaction from the public, was held with a goal to raise the basic level of environmental awareness of the commercial areas of the Emirate of Dubai.
The community participation got expanded in the public cleanliness operation for a clean society and environment compatible with the high status of Dubai among the advanced and developed cities in the world.

Badri said the media campaign have been instrumental in the success of the objectives of the campaign.

He said the results of the questionnaire circulated among the public indicated the effectiveness of the advertising campaign to increase awareness as posters and brochures were distributed in the Al Fahidi area, which has contributed in creating public awareness on the importance of hygiene in the area. The results of the questionnaire showed that 81% of the respondents were satisfied with the questionnaire, and 86% said the campaign contributed in increasing awareness of the importance of providing a clean and healthy environment. For the first time, confirmed 100% of the shop owners said they will continue to intensify their efforts to provide an good environment in their shops and public places, and the continue to abide by all laws and regulations targeted by the Dubai Municipality in this campaign. The campaign reached to 98% of people and this in turn emphasizes the need to continue in future campaigns in the same area and other areas in the city of Dubai.

The campaign targeted phenomena contrary to the general cleanliness such as throwing waste and cigarette butts, spitting in public places, and hanging out clothes on balconies in certain areas.

The Municipality was eager for the launch the campaign to educate the public on the best environmental practices and the dissemination of health and hygiene awareness in the areas which were important areas of the emirate that witness commercial activity.

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