Sunday, July 12, 2009

Abu Dhabi delegation visits DM

A delegation from the Public Relations and Communications Department at the Abu Dhabi Municipality visited the Dubai Municipality's Corporate Marketing and Relations Department. The delegation was briefed on the tasks, accomplishments and plans of the Department.
The Abu Dhabi delegation included Mr. Adel Hussein Al Rabia, Director of the Public Relations and Communications Department, Mubarak Saif Al Mazroui, Head of Public Relations Section, Khalid Allaq Al Hamadi, Head of Events and Media Production Section, Ali Ahmed Al Hosni, Media Production Analyst, and Ms. Badria Imran Marzouki, Public Relations Coordinator.
The delegation was received by Khalid Mohammed Badri, Director of Corporate Marketing and Relations Department, Mr. Yousef Murad Salmin, Head of Public Relations Section, Farhan Hassan Al Marzouqi, Head of Corporate Marketing Section and Ahmed Salman, Head of Media Section.
Mr. Badri stressed the importance of the cooperation and strengthening of relations concerning the work of the government liaison between the government organizations of the country, and the importance of the exchange of expertise, experience and best practices followed by the government departments in the field of public relations and communications.
He pointed out that the Corporate Marketing and Relations Department in Dubai Municipality has made great strides in organizing events and activities in various fields.
He gave them a brief on the achievements of the Department, the goals that are supported by the Municipality, the Department's strategic objectives and the role of the Planning and Development Office.

During the meeting, both discussed various matters relating to the communications and relations, in addition to a presentation about the best practices and challenges of working in this field.
Farhan Marzouqi, Head of Corporate Marketing Section gave a brief about his section and its role in the development of the marketing policies and ideas and the development of marketing and promotional campaigns, in addition to the implementation of participatory planning and fairs. He presented the Action Plan for 2009, and its operational indicators, and spoke on the strategy and marketing plan implemented by the section.
Yusuf Murad Salmin, Head of Public Relations Section spoke about the objectives of the section and its role in highlighting the positive image of the Municipality, as well as its role in the interrelationship between the staff. He also provided the visitors with an overview of the activities and events undertaken by the Municipality Staff Club.
Ahmed Salman, Head of Media Section talked about the section and the units under it, and the role of each unit and the functions performed by the Municipality. He provided statistics for the Section's activities and achievements in the news, advertising, awareness campaigns, publications, electronic news, photography and film production, and radio reports.

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