Thursday, July 2, 2009

DM launches "Ambassadors of the Municipality" initiative

Dubai Municipality has launched an initiative called "Ambassadors of the Municipality," which is a project for the preparation of a voluntary group to clarify and explain the leadership role of the municipality and respond to all queries and comments received from the municipality.
This was stated by Khalid Mohammed Badri, Director of Corporate Marketing and Relations Department, who said that the project aims to highlight the positive image of the municipality as a service organization, which has its services and duties towards the society and the promotion of municipality projects and facilities, and work together as a team with various administrative levels, and the project will adopt positive ideas, and work on opening channels of communication with other bodies such as the government departments, media, companies, educational entities and individuals.
He added that the project seeks to highlight the different roles played by the Municipality in the cultural community such as setting up of libraries and museums, and maintenance of playgrounds and the creation of sports facilities (like the Olympic swimming pool), parks, recreational areas, and environmental activities, monitor the pollution level of and the preservation of public health and other topics.
The project will contribute to the creation of positive outlook towards the Municipality and market the municipality facilities and projects in an indirect way, and work with the media.
The scope of the project include web sites of the newspapers and magazines, radio programs such as direct broadcasting, letters to the editor in the newspapers, electronic forums, workshops and conferences and private meetings. The project will be run on two phases and during the first phase is the nomination of associates by officials in order to ensure selection of appropriate staff, who will be spreading the idea of the project to his colleagues in order to create interest in order to reach the large segment of the staff of the Municipality.
The Municipality has identified a set of specifications that must be characterized by the Ambassador of the Municipality that include job loyalty, sufficient knowledge of the functions, services and details of the work in the municipality, have an internal desire, true to do the job, good hearing and the ability to make cool analysis, eloquence, balance, training and qualification and cooperation with the implementation of Human Resource Department for implementing training courses to enable them to do this work very nicely and the adoption of the scientific tools to gain influence and develop a work program for the refinement of skills, particularly with regard to dealing with the media.

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