Tuesday, July 24, 2012

CII President Condemns Violence at Maruti’s Manesar Plant

CII President, Mr Adi Godrej strongly condemned the recent violence that erupted at the Maruti Plant at Manesar resulting in the death of a senior company official and injuring more than ninety employees including some foreigners. According to the CII President, an incident of this nature was most unexpected especially since a dialogue was on between the management and the workers on unresolved issues.

Mr Adi Godrej, President, CII said “CII strongly believes that any disputes between the management and the workers must be settled through a discussion and a dialogue in a peaceful environment within the rubric of law. CII fears that this unfortunate event would dent the country’s image which might impact investors’ impressions of India in terms of safety of investments. On Industrial relations issues, it is imperative that an environment of trust is fostered. The management, workers and state government have responsibilities, which need to be discharged with sincerity.”

The CII release went on to say that it is also unfortunate that such an incident took place in Haryana which is considered to be an investor-friendly State. CII would urge the Government of Haryana to quickly investigate the matter and punish all those who are responsible for the unfortunate turn of events at the Manesar plant of Maruti. Swift and decisive action would help improve investors’ confidence. It would also help create an impression that the law and order situation in the state would not allow recurrence of such events in the future.

The CII release said that the development of an auto and auto component hub in the state of Haryana has created employment opportunities for a large number of workers. Foreign direct investment has flowed into a variety of sectors creating a virtuous environment of growth and livelihood creation. Industry will work hard to ensure that the positive environment is not affected by one incident of industrial unrest.

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