Saturday, July 21, 2012

Amway India refurbishes brand for home care segment Unveils new ‘Amway Home’ look

Becomes the first company in India to manufacture products certified globally by USEPA and DfE  
Amway India Enterprises, the largest direct selling FMCG company in India and a wholly owned subsidiary of Amway Corporation(USA) today announced a new brand identity logo for “Amway Home”, representing the Home Care segment in line with its long term global marketing and business strategy. Amway Home forms a substantial part of the India and global portfolio, contributing nearly 7% of the India revenues. It expects a substantial growth of this untapped and high potential segment, for which the company shall continue make investments in building the brand, growing the market and expanding the ABO base.
The new Amway Home brand personifies and represents the company’s continuing vision to be an environmentally sensitive & responsible organization manifested clearly in the tagline “Powerfully Green for a Safer Clean”.  The logo design incorporating the use the light green color epitomizes the biodegradable attribute of the products and the young green leaves signifying nurturing and care.  
This brand ‘refresh & reposition exercise’ is intended to educate consumers and make them aware of the highly superior assessment benchmarks and stringent quality standards ensured by the Amway’s Global R&D and Manufacturing Divisions.
Under this initiative, Amway has introduced new formulations for some its Home Care products for laundry, surfaces & dishwashing, making them completely biodegradable. The new range is powered by the Bioquest formula and contains high active, bio-based ingredients from natural resources like coconut, citrus fruits and minerals.  The company’s marketing collateral, products and other packaging will sport the new brand look Amway Home and the global certification marks of USEPA & Dfe. Four products including Amway Home LOC & Dish Drops have been certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency while also conforming to the European AISE standards
Speaking on the development, Mr. William S. Pinckney, MD & CEO, Amway India, said, “As a global and responsible organization, we continue to make every possible effort to augment the quality and environmental sustainability of our products. We have had an unmatched legacy of developing high performing products that are safe for use to people, the planet and the environment which gives us sense of great accomplishment.”
He further added, “The new brand identity for Amway Home reinforces our commitment to provide the highest product quality standards without compromising our planet’s resources – whether in terms of carbon or water footprint. I commend the Amway R&D and Product teams from across the world for this contribution.”
Amway Home is now a globally present brand with the company already having launched this strategic business initiative across markets in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Oceania and Asia.  
In the year 2011, Amway clocked a turnover of Rs 2130 crores, registering 19% growth YoYover the previous fiscal when it recorded a turnover of Rs 1790 crores. Amway India ranks among the top FMCG Companies in India - a feat achieved in a span of thirteen years.


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