Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Orga Systems strengthens commitment to Gulf Region, LEVANT and Africa

Paderborn (Germany), Dubai (United Arabic Emirates) 30 November 2010: Orga Systems,

#1 choice for real-time charging and billing, confirms its commitment to the Gulf

Region, LEVANT and Africa. It will strengthen its regional engagement and closeness

to customers in this area. Revealing Orga Systems’ plans for business activities during

a press conference in Dubai today, CEO Ramez Younan announces to be a long term

business partner for current and prospect customers in the region. Due to its dedication

to quality and industry leadership, Orga Systems is a reliable business partner for more

than 40 operators worldwide, serving more than 350M subscribers on its highly scalable

real-time based convergent platforms.

Highly scalable systems for future success

Mobile services in Middle East and Africa have seen tremendous growth during the past

decade. This was based on ever increasing mobile market penetration. In light of today’s

increasing competition, the region is facing a new challenge: sustainability of business. This can

only be achieved by retaining and acquiring customers through sophisticated offerings designed

to meet customers' lifestyle. Only convergent billing systems can handle this significant volume

of all prepaid and post paid subscribers.

“One of our systems handles 65+ M subscribers on one single real-time platform. All customers

– prepaid, postpaid, retail and corporate – are managed on this single system. This has

enabled our customers to increase their market share dramatically through launching the

most innovative tariff plans in the industry,” states Ramez Younan, CEO Orga Systems, at

today’s press conference. “Unlike many other vendors, we are committed to first class, future-

proof solutions. This enables MNOs success and makes us a long term, strategic partner for

customers in the region.”

Convergent services for prepaid airtime distribution and mobile money

“Our mobile payments solutions are enabling true convergent services in the area of prepaid

airtime distribution and mobile money for more than 200M subscribers in the Americas,” says

Steven Wakefield, VP Sales MEA Orga Systems, “The option to sell ‘bundled’ products in

the area of voice, data and financial transactions will offer dedicated advantages to MNOs in

the Gulf Region, LEVANT and Africa as well.” Orga Systems’ mobile payments solutions are

leading in distribution management including the handling of revenue sharing, commissions and

fees as well as sales targets and bonus.

Additional turnover through dynamic bandwidth management

With Smartphone usage on the rise, the amount of data traffic has increased dramatically.

Network capacities of many MNOs are already hitting their limits. With Orga Systems’ NGCP,

instant authorization of individual users and dynamic bandwidth management for better control

of applications that are particularly bandwidth-demanding can be secured. Furthermore,

differentiated offers allow MNOs to generate additional turnover.

Realization of highly complex projects by Orga Systems

In contrast to many other software suppliers, Orga Systems has its own integration and

project resources, as well as an experienced and acknowledged track record of executing and

managing complex projects. This allows for realization of highly complex projects within short

time frames and will help MNOs in the Gulf Region, LEVANT and Africa to secure their future


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