Saturday, February 14, 2009

Swimming area marked in Umm Suqeim 2 beach to ensure safety of beach-goers

Dubai, 14 February 2009: Dubai Municipality has designated the swimming area in the Um Suqeim Second beach as a measure to improve the safety of beach-goers.

This was stated by Eng. Alya Al Harmoudi, Head of the Coastal Zone & Waterways Management Section at the Environment Department of Dubai Municipality, who noted that the move is necessary as beaches in Dubai are regarded as a major attraction for the residents and tourists alike.

"There are many people who visit the beaches to swim or just to unwind due to the year-round sunshine and the golden sands they offer. We are keen to preserve the beauty of these beaches and ensure the safety of the beach-goers," she said.

Al Harmoudi added that the swimming area in Um Suqeim Second beach has been clearly marked using swimmer safety demarcation system. The area, which stretches from the Fishing Harbour along the Beach to the Jumeira Beach Hotel, was identified after considering its depth that suits the swimmers, she noted.

"As this beach is considered one of the most famous public beaches in the Emirate and frequently used by thousands of visitors every year, it's very significant to clearly mark the swimming area. This way we can prevent swimmers from incurring inattentively into the sea especially as there are many people who are not good swimmers and do not abide by the instructions for the beach users," Al Harmoudi noted.

She urged all beach goers to be cautions while swimming in the beaches and take the necessary precaution especially at the time of drastic weather changes and to abide by the safety instructions before venturing into the sea.

"People should also avoid swimming very close to the breakwaters, groins and other rock structures on the beaches as the water current would be much stronger near these structures and this would endanger the lives of the swimmers. They should not also swim in the beaches during the swimming prohibited times like night hours and when the sea is rough."

She noted that Dubai Municipality has launched a website ( to provide real-time information for the beach-goers as part of its coastal zone monitoring programme.

"Visitors to this website can obtain real-time information on the situation of the sea, that is captured by the Coastal Zone & Waterways Management Section using state-of-the-art appliances, installed along the emirate's coastal zone."

The information provided to the public through the website includes the height and direction of waves, water surface levels, water currents, speed and direction of winds, water and air temperature degrees, that are captured at the Jumeira open beach. The visitors can also watch live videos from the cameras installed on Burj Al Arab Hotel that show the situation of the sea and Umm Suqeim beaches.

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