Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shampoos containing carcinogenic material taken off the shelves

Dubai, 12 February2009: Dubai Municipality has withdrawn from the local market some 17 shampoos of five brands from China, India and Iran whose samples have been found in lab tests to be containing high percentage of Dioxane 1.4, which is carcinogenic if used on a long term basis.

Reda Salman, Director of Public Health and Safety Department of Dubai Municipality, said the municipality has written to the Secretariat General of UAE Municipalities and other concerned authorities in the country to take necessary action with regard to these products in other parts of the country. They were informed of the names, brands, batch number, and country of origin of these shampoos.

"We have since taken these shampoos off the shelves in the local market and have taken the necessary measures to prevent such products from entering the country. Distribution agents of these brands have also been notified," said Mr. Salman.

He added that Dubai Municipality conducts periodic laboratory tests on samples of all products that enter the emirate's market and takes necessary measures to stop all products that use banned materials. In addition, samples from shops in the local market are also being taken for periodic lab tests to make sure that only safe products area available for human consumption.

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