Sunday, February 8, 2009

DM confiscates and destroys banned veterinary medicines

Dubai Municipality recently confiscated and destroyed a quantity of banned veterinary medicines that were in circulation and some medicines that were sold even after expiry dates were ended. Six shops in Nadd Al Sheba market were imposed fines for selling these medicines during the surprise inspections conducted by the Veterinary Services Section of the Public Health Services Department of the Municipality.

The inspection drive was part of the continuous inspection programmes undertaken by the section. Inspectors of the section started the campaign from the establishments that are less compliant and ended with inspecting all the establishments in the market, among them were veterinary medical shops and establishments that sell animal related tools.

The inspections were aimed at ensuring the use of the best veterinary medicines and insecticides as well as preventing the use of banned veterinary medicines that are proved to be hazardous, carrying side effects and are harmful to the health of animals as well as reflecting negatively to the public health. The inspection drive was also aimed at following up the veterinary medicines that are spoilt and the expiry dates are ended. It was also in implementation of the Municipality circular pertaining to the banned veterinary medicines that were in circulation.

Also during the campaign, all the veterinary establishments in the market were provided awareness on the hazards of using these veterinary medicines and insecticides as well as its negative impact on the health of the animals and the human beings. The Municipality circular was distributed again during the campaign.

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