Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In the wake of Tuesday's mid-sea collision off Jebel Ali Dubai Municipality takes measures to protect marine environment

Dubai, 11 February 2009: Dubai Municipality has announced that it has taken all necessary measures to protect the emirate's marine environment following a collision between a container vessel and a gasoline tanker, five miles off Jebel Ali coast.

According to Mohammed Abdurrahman Hassan, Head of Marine Environment and Wildlife Section at the Environment Department of Dubai Municipality, the tanker was containing light fuels which did not pose major marine environment hazards and the situation was brought under control immediately by the authorities concerned.

He said that this type of fuel evaporates very fast and the smell and vapor from it would be felt only in the nearby areas or those in the direction of the wind. It would not cause any notable damage to the marine environment.

Hassan noted that a team of marine officers, inspectors, and monitors from the Environment Department of the municipality was dispatched to the site immediately after the accident to take stock of the situation.

He added Dubai has formed specialized teams and taskforces to deal with marine accidents, comprising representatives from all government agencies concerned, including Dubai Municipality. Every one of them is responsible for acting under its own jurisdictions.

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