Sunday, August 19, 2012

Periyar Launches Whole Wheat Atta

Kochi: Periyar, one of the largest-selling food brands in Kerala, has launched Chakki Fresh Atta in Kochi today.

PERIYAR…with ultra modern manufacturing process churns out superlative products that have gained wide spread appreciation. Chirackal Agro Mills, the manufacturing company of the PEIYAR brand, operates with two state of the art units on the banks of the great Periyar River, situated near Kalady in Kerala.

       Modern machines that have been imported from Japan, completely removes black rice. The second manufacturing unit started in 1998 is the first of its kind in Kerala to erect a rice sortex machine with 120 channels.
Five different types of rice are manufactured and packed by Periyar Rice. The assortment of choices gives the chance for preference.

       The brown colored matta, ponni, basmathi…all produced by expert and experienced personnel with no compromise on quality. The quality control checks in the units are so stringent that not even a single grain of rice escapes unchecked.

         Periyar, today has ventured into the instant mixes and the pickle market. The quality and the traditional tastes of these products have already made them an instant success.

          The promise of Periyar rice is to produce quality products, with absolutely no compromise on quality and to preserve the taste of tradition while staying abreast with technology.

      The Chirackal family, well known for its enterprising spirit, entered the field as a small scale unit, three decades ago and at presently stands among the leading rice manufactures in Kerala.
        PERIYAR RICE was founded by Late.Sh. K.P. Devassy Kutty(1926-1999) and the company was clothed with a corporate veil in 1995. It was the first company of its kind when, under the able guidance of Late.Sh. Devassy Kutty, who nurtured the business till 1999.
        The torch kindled by the founder is taken forward in all brightness by C.D. Polachan, C.D. Jose and C.D. Sebastian…all members of the Chirackal family, who are focused on the vision and mission of the company that was set by Sh. Devassy Kutty.
           At present, the managment also consists of two of their heirs of the present generation, i.e, Sunil Polachan, son of C.D Polachan, who also had been actively present in the business since the beginning of the millenium and Bijo Jose, son of C.D Jose, who recently finished his higher studies, have also entered the firm alongwith, thereby both working together proudly in running the famiy business, that was started by their grandfather ."
           It was more than three decades ago. the Chirackal family introduced in Kerala, the idea of packed rice. The Chirackal modern rice mill was started in 1991. The unit started manufacturing rice and the brand was called “PERIYAR”, going after the great river Periyar on the banks of which the company stood.
          The second unit of the Chirackal Agro Mills was started in 1998. The machineries for this unit were imported from Japan and the same could completely remove the unwanted black rice. The mill was the first unit of its kind to erect a 120 channel sortex machine for “Palakkadan Matta Rice”, in India.
           The products of PERIYAR RICE saw huge acceptance among the general public mainly because of the superior quality. This was achieved due to the very stringent quality control measures that were introduced in the units right from inception.
PERIYAR is now a household name in India and many Middle East countries.
            The company has today expanded its activities into the instant mixes and pickles fields. The immediate acceptance of the PERIYAR brands has given the promoters a chance to have more dreams for the future.

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