Saturday, August 11, 2012

NGIL declares profit of Rs.6.69 Cr. for quarter 1

06.08.12, Thiruvananthapuram: Nitta Gelatin India Ltd (NGIL), is a joint venture between
the Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC) & Nitta Gelatin Incorporated,
Japan declares a turnover of Rs. 67 Crores and a profit of Rs. 6.69 Crores (before tax) in
quarter 1 of the present fiscal. Mr. G. Suseelan, MD, NGIL said in a press conference held
here that in the fiscal 2011-2012, the company has “performed well and posted a profit of Rs.
6.53 Crores (before tax) and declared dividend of 40%, which was consistent in lines with
the last two years”. The turnover was Rs. 246 Crores. NGIL hopes to close the financial year
2012-2013 with a turnover of around Rs.300 Crores, he said.

Company started its first plant in Koratty in Thrissur district, in the year 1979. NGIL
now has 5 Manufacturing facilities in Cochin, Koratty, Baroda, Nagpur and Aroor. Mr. V.
Somasundaran, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary to Government of Kerala is the Chairman
and Mr. Alkesh Kumar Sharma, Managing Director- KSIDC is the Director of NGIL.

Gelatin finds application in pharmaceutical sector for manufacture of capsules. The
demand for gelatin is constantly on the rise including in the pharma industry, where gelatin
is an unavoidable ingredient in the manufacture of capsules and soft gel tablets. NGIL, in
its pursuit to manufacture Gelatin at optimum cost, has successfully identified other raw
materials for the manufacture of quality Gelatin. NGIL has also developed the technology
for manufacturing blood plasma grade gelatin which has a life saving application.

The company’s track record, and ethical operations and full commitment to environment
preservation have made everyone understand that NGIL is a company to be reckoned with
and is a Pride of Kerala. Every year NGIL brings in valuable foreign exchange which now
exceeds Rs.150 crores.

NGIL is one of the few government promoted companies in India ‘to foray into consumer
marketing, by launching OTC products. It has diversified into the manufacture of Collagen
Peptide – a value added product used effectively against osteoarthritis and osteoporosis’. In
its B2C initiative, NGIL has launched Gelixer CollagenPep, which is found to be very
effective against knee pain. This shift of strategy from B2B to B2C has given NGIL a
thorough understanding of the dynamics of marketing and consumer perception and behavior.

Mr. G. Suseelan further informed that “we are happy that our products have been
well received and gained acceptance in the highly competitive markets of Kerala
& Tamil Nadu. The products have been very successful in South Kerala including
Thiruvananthapuram”. Gelixer CollagenPep which is a proven nutritional supplement for

bone and joint health is now available in medical shops in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. NGIL
has also started to reach customers directly by making the products available online and has
revamped its website to make it more consumer friendly and interactive (

The company has plans to add more products to its consumer products portfolio. These
products have been developed by the company’s R&D in India as well as Japan. The new
products are targeted at those with Osteoporosis, Pressure Ulcer and physically very active
people like, Sportspersons, and dancers. Plans are afoot to launch more products before the
end of this financial year.

Nutrigold, a certified Organic Product for the agricultural sector was developed in
collaboration with Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. In 2011-12 Nutrigold has been
used in over 20000 acres across the country and this year we have plan to cover over 60000
acres. The product is available in Kerala, TN, Karnataka, AP and Maharashtra. The product is
distributed directly by the company and also through associates.

On the CSR front, NGIL has initiated many activities to engage the society under
K.T. Chandy Seiichi Nitta Foundation. Mattoli, a forum of NGIL lady staff and wives
of employees is also actively involved in organizing various activities including self
employment programmes for the development of the public.

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