Saturday, August 11, 2012

Customs Department is taking all efforts to minimise the problems faced by the exporters and importers: Dr. K N Raghavan

Kochi, 7 August:  “Customs Department is taking all efforts to minimise the problems faced by the exporters and importers” said Dr. K N Raghavan, Commissioner of Customs, Cochin while inaugrating the seminar on ‘Exports and Imports’ organised at the Chamber Hall, Kerala Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“Years ago the duties of Customs Department were basically to enforce rules; people were forced to wait in long ques to get clearence of goods from customs. Things have changed now. All documents can be submittted online for clearence. The role of customs nowadays is merely that of a facilitator,” added the Customs Commissioner.

Dr. Raghavan stated that “Only when more trade happens, the country will get more revenue. Constant interaction is required with the Customs and trade organisations to discuss and analyise the problems and find remedial measures to Forster exports and imports in the country.  

Mr. M.P. Deepak Kumar Shetty, Vice Chairman, KCCI & Convener, Container Terminal, Inland Navigation & Logistics Committee   presided over the program in which Mr. C.V. George, General Manager, Reserve Bank of India, Cochin was the Guest of Honour who emphasised the need for interaction between the key authorities of exim trade and trading community for better trade facilitation. Mr. M.K. Ansari,   Director, KCCI & Convener, Foreign Trade and   FDI   Sub Committee welcomed the gathering and Mr.S.S.Mallikarjuna Rao, Dy. General Manager, Oriental Bank of    Commerce,   Bangalore Region also spoke.
 Export - Import Seminar jointly organised by Kerala Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Oriental Bank of Commerce dealt with various topics connected with trade and overseas transactions.

Significant changes in foreign Trade policy with special reference to incentive schemes for Exporters / Importers, Schemes available for exporters and importers, Salient features of ECGC, Role of DGFT as facilitator in Foreign Trade, Issues of export and import while rooting consignments through ICTT, Vallarpadam and NRI remittance to India and relevant changes notified by RBI and out flows from India were dealt in the seminar by experts in relevant areas.

Ms. Shyni Sunil, AGM, Reserve Bank of India, Cochin, Mr.  N N Menon, renowned Foreign Trade Consultant, Director, EOUs Cochin,  Mr. J P Menon, AGM, ECGC, Cochin addressed the participants in the seminar. Mr. De Paul, Customs Officer and Mr. Bibin Myloth, Addl. Traffic Manager, Cochin Port Trust also spoke.

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