Saturday, September 4, 2010


Rowenta - an eminent brand associated with personal care equipment - such as hair dryers and epilators, has launched the new improved Brush Activ 1000 with higher wattage & more comfortable handle that delivers professional results. The product was launched recently by Groupe SEB in the UAE and the Gulf.

Rowenta’s Brush Activ 1000 employs an ionic system which automatically emits negative ions which reduce static electricity. The Brush Activ removes frizz effect and makes it easier to manage unruly hair and makes them shiny.

The brush is coated with ceramic material and it distributes a soft and homogeneous radiant heat and reinforces the ionic effect.

The brush rotates automatically and reproduces the professional hairdresser’s gesture while drying simultaneously.  Brush Activ employs a bi-directional movement for a well-structured brushing with inwards or outwards hair style. Hot air is diffused by the brush directly into the hair which results in more volume.

Other features of the Brush Activ include an anti-tangling patented system with thick bristles, but with right flexiblility, to better catch the hair and avoid tangling. There are two brushes, a 30mm small diameter for thin and mid-long hair while the big diameter (50mm) is for long, thick hair.

A lock brush system fixes the brush on the appliance and two brush protectors ensures safety after use and keeps the brush in efficient condition.

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