Sunday, September 19, 2010

Live a Debt Free Life with National Bonds

Dubai, September 19th 2010: National Bonds is providing new hope to its customers who have accumulated loans with the launch of a new initiative that will help new & current bondholders erase their debts and begin a ‘debt-free’ life.

National Bonds Corporation PJSC, the leading Sharia compliant saving scheme, has today unveiled their ‘Live a Debt-Free Life’ campaign for 14 weeks, beginning 19th September until 31st December 2010. This exciting   proposition will help bondholders to clear their debts and re-start a hassle-free life. During the promotion period, existing bondholders or new customers depositing savings for a minimum of AED 1,000 or more in National Bonds will automatically enter an additonal special weekly draw to win AED 100,000. Customers who increase their savings by AED 5,000 will enter the grand draw to win five MINI Coopers, to be held on January 1st, 2011.

National Bonds will reward prizes totaling up to AED 2 Million in value that is in addition to its regular & richest weekly and monthly rewards, including the life-changing AED 1 million monthly prize and 22,250 prizes.

This initiative is part of National Bonds’ efforts to inculcate a culture of regular savings in the UAE. The strategy includes the recently launched National Bonds Standing Instruction Order, a service that makes regular saving easier than ever and is available at a number of banks across the UAE. The Standing Instruction Order will allow banks to automatically deduct a monthly amount from customers to purchase bonds on their behalf, thereby eliminating the need to repeat the transaction process every month.

“The more we interact with our customers, whether through surveys, focus groups or even face-to-face meetings, the more we see a shift in their attitude towards saving. Thanks to the prevailing economic conditions, people now understand the value of savings and the security it brings,” said Mohammad Qasim Al Ali, CEO, National Bonds Corporation PJSC. “Through this campaign, we hope to not only help the lucky winners to clear their loans and begin a responsible saving strategy, but also to ensure that our other customers are properly rewarded for regular saving and take  a bold step to kick off their own savings plans.”

National Bonds certificates are available for purchase in nearly 560 outlets nationwide including Emirates Post offices, exchange houses, banks and major credit cards. For more information, visit  or call 600 522 279.

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