Tuesday, September 7, 2010

DCL records increase in number of consumer goods samples tested

The Consumer Materials Laboratory of the Dubai Central Laboratory Department has received 4,516 requests in the first half of 2010 for testing consumer goods while the number of test reports prepared by the lab during the same period was 13,033.

Farah Al Zarouni, Head of Consumer Materials Laboratory Section said there has been a steady increase in the number of consumer materials tested in the laboratory.

She said that the test and analysis of consumer materials and goods comes as a reaffirmation of the vision of Dubai Central Laboratory Department to become a world class product confidence vendor and support the vision of Dubai Municipality to create an excellent city that provides the essence of success and comfort of living and to give the consumer high confidence on the quality of products traded, which provides a safe environment.

"Dubai Central Laboratory has introduced many test and analysis services for various consumer materials and goods, using more precise analytical methods and new technologies. This confirms the role of the Dubai Central Laboratory in maintaining global safety standards in accordance with the approved standard specifications for the purpose of achieving credibility and trust with the public," said Al Zarouni.

"Accordingly, the laboratory has conducted testing and analysis and field studies on many consumer goods in the markets of the Emirate of Dubai. These included samples of various consumer goods such as gemstones like diamonds, pearls and different coloured gemstones, precious metals like platinum and silver, toys, different cosmetics, personal care and textile products, household electrical appliances like ovens, heaters, hair dryers and many other items," she said.

Al Zarouni reiterated that the laboratory has taken all the necessary preparations to provide testing services for customers and ensure timely completion in an effort to increase customer satisfaction both internal and external.

She also noted the efforts to achieve the vision of the Central Lab focused on training personnel academically and technically and providing all modern analytical techniques to conduct these tests in accordance with the approved inspection methods and procedures.

Al Zarouni said that among the new services provided by the Consumer Materials Laboratory there is the service of testing the quality and safety of textiles and fabrics, which comes to achieve the objectives of Dubai Municipality's strategy to maintain public health and safety in line with the Dubai Strategic Plan, with a growing global awareness of the dangers of certain substances used in textile industry and its impact on human health and safety in addition to confirming the role of municipalities in the protection of investors and consumer alike, the phenomenon of commercial fraud, which has become a widespread phenomenon in the world.

Based on the pioneering role of Dubai Municipality, represented by the Dubai Central Laboratory led the Consumer Materials Laboratory Section has kept up the wheel of progress and development by establishing the first laboratory to examine the safety and quality of textiles in the Middle East and provide analysis and various tests on many textile products like curtains, carpets, furniture and various types of clothing, to make sure their safety and quality for the purposes of consumer protection.

Al Zarouni said the establishment of a laboratory for testing textiles and fabrics is an indicator of the effective economic role played by Dubai in the import and export of textiles, especially since its market is a vital market in this area.

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