Sunday, April 5, 2009

Schools urged to make prior booking for visiting public parks in Dubai

The Public Parks and Horticulture Department of Dubai Municipality called upon all the schools in the country on the necessity for prior coordination with the Department in the event of their school visits to the major parks in Dubai.

Ahmed AbdulKarim, Director of Public Parks and Horticulture Department said advance request for access to the public parks will help in reducing the problem of overcrowding of schools in the park as well as in organizing the visits by separating the schools for girls and boys, in addition to organizing the services provided by the parks such as restaurants, booking some games and providing security and safety of children along with those who accompany them.

He called upon the schools to apply in advance when they want to visit the public parks. For more information they can call the Municipality Contact Centre on the toll-free number 800900.

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