Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Libraries train employees in Database Management

The Public Libraries Department recently held a series of training courses for a group of its employees in database management at the Umm Suqeim library. The training courses were conducted by three companies, Advanced Arab Systems, Techknolwedge and Proquest.
Mohammed Jassim Al Eraidi, Director of the Public Libraries Department said the Department is always keen to catch up with the development in technology as far as providing information services and also to enhance the competency of its employees by qualifying them whatever needed for achieving the targets.
He said 43 employees including librarians and library services administrators participated in the courses.
Eraidi said the library members can now get benefited from the database on Islamic studies from Oxford, which is considered to be one of the important source of documents related to religion, Islamic world and history. The database, which provides the best information that helps to understand Islamic history and culture, is meant for students, researchers and Islamic research centres. This database also includes contributions from major religious scholars in Islamic history, faith, ideology, politics and culture. The database is subjected to constant updating.
The libraries also provide reference database on business from Oxford, which is one of the most used database by students and teachers. It includes a set of more than 175 titles and is also updated regularly. Illustrated Oxford dictionaries are also added to it.
AbdulRahman Ibrahim, Head of Technical Operations Unit said this step comes as a culmination of the plan of Dubai Public Libraries Department aimed at placing the best database that is used most by its members. This database will add up to the already existing database, EBSCO that covers more than 8,400 e-magazines, 4,506 court magazines, and Ebrary that contains more than 42,000 e-books, in addition to the Arabic database, AskZad that contains more than 16,000 books and university papers in Arabic in addition to more than 400 periodicals.

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