Monday, January 26, 2009

GE Healthcare showcases world’s first high-definition CT scanner and breakthrough 3.0T MR scanner at Arab Health 2009

Dubai, UAE; January 26, 2009: GE Healthcare, a global leader in imaging and in dose reduction technologies, is showcasing Discovery CT750 HD, the world’s first high definition CT (Computed Tomography) scanner and Discovery MR750 3.0T, a breakthrough that breaks the bonds of traditional MR (Magnetic Resonance) scanning. Also highlighted is the LightSpeed VCT XTe configuration, a new low-dose evolution of the proven LightSpeed VCT. Launched for the first time in the region, these systems with clinical images will be on display at Arab Health 2009, the premier healthcare exhibition being held at Dubai International Convention Centre.

The Discovery CT750HD and Discovery MR750 3.0T are the first of their kind to the region and of great relevance to healthcare professionals here, as they enable early diagnosis of cancers and cardiac diseases, and can potentially help ease the burden of rising healthcare costs faced by the Middle East region.

Discovery CT750 HD will set the new standard for CT clarity, delivering the vision and the tools to allow clinicians to diagnose quickly and confidently. The remarkable technology of Discovery MR750 makes routine exams faster, advanced exams routine and every scan becomes a study in speed.

Discovery CT750 HD
GE engineers discovered that, by changing the molecular structure of real garnets, they could develop a scintillator capable of delivering images 100 times faster, with up to 33 per cent greater detail through the body and up to 47 per cent greater detail in the heart. They had unlocked the secret of the proprietary GE Gemstone Detector™, boasting the fastest primary speed in the CT industry, and the driving force of the first of its kind: “Gemstone Spectral Imaging” process.

Gemstone Spectral Imaging offers outstanding capabilities of characterization with the material decomposition images and exceptional image enhancement with the 101 user selectable energy levels, dual energy fast kV switching. CT750 HD registers energies at least 165 times faster than Dual Source CT technologies.

It brings faster, clearer images into today’s demanding health care environment without sacrificing the element patients and clinicians demand most: radiation dose reduction. CT750 HD improves image quality while reducing dose by up to 50 per cent across the entire body and by as much as 83 per cent for cardiac scans.

“This is a game changer,” said Gene Saragnese, Vice President and General Manager of GE Healthcare’s global CT and Molecular Imaging businesses. “We are delivering the customer-driven future of CT and we couldn’t be prouder of the product their feedback has created. The Discovery CT750 HD brings us right to the edge of early health, our vision here at GE Healthcare. It’s now up to us to take this technological leap and move into the future. That’s CT Re-imagined.”

Proven Today, Prepared for Tomorrow: LightSpeed VCT XTe
GE continues to focus on providing capabilities that help healthcare providers deliver clinical excellence and better patient care through exceptional image quality and reduced dose. At Arab Health this year, GE is unveiling the LightSpeed VCT XTe, a new generation of scanners built from the proven LightSpeed VCT platform and enhanced with HD Technologies.

First launched in 2004, the LightSpeed VCT ushered in a new era of diagnostic capability with 5-Beat Cardiac, head-to-toe body scans in 10 seconds for trauma assessment and a stroke workup program. More recently, GE introduced its exclusive SnapShot Pulse™, the industry’s first prospectively gated low dose diagnostic cardiac acquisition mode. The LightSpeed VCT has been selected more often than any other scanner in its class, a testament to its proven clinical value.

Discovery™ MR750 3.0T
Equipped with the industry’s most powerful gradients, Express Exam workflow features and the company’s advanced Thermal Management System, the Discovery MR750 delivers up to 60 per cent additional anatomical coverage and resolution unit per time. The system significantly improves the imaging performance over previous generations, increasing the freedom for advanced application development, including: a routine liver exam in 15 minutes and a full breast exam in only two sequences.

“GE is committed to pushing the boundaries for MRI capabilities and we believe this new product will do that now and in the future,” said Jim Davis, Vice President and General Manager of GE Healthcare’s global MR business. “We expect this product to be a robust and clinically capable MR system that will simplify MR exams without compromising quality or productivity.”

Driven by customer demands for improved clinical capabilities, the Discovery MR750 has been designed around clinical workflow needs with a strong focus on improving productivity. With that in mind, the system also includes operational efficiencies such as the newly designed detachable patient table and the first ever in-room operator console.

In addition, the Discovery MR750 features automated protocols. This aspect of the system allows for more focused attention on the patient and consistent protocols and processing across operating technicians. Together, these features reduce setup time in the scanner room by up to 70 per cent and additionally, the newly designed user interface reduces the number of steps by as much as 68 per cent.

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