Saturday, January 31, 2009

Emirates Gas further reduces price of LP Gas cylinders

Dubai, January 31, 2009: Emirates Gas has further reduced the price of 22-kg LP Gas cylinders from AED 96 to AED 86, marking an 18 per cent reduction in price in the past two months. The revised price highlights the commitment of Emirates Gas to further enable Dubai residents to meet the unprecedented challenges posed by the global financial crisis.

Commenting on the new initiative, Saeed Abdullah Khoory, ENOC Group Chief Executive said: “The impact of the global financial crisis is being felt across the world, affecting customer confidence. The Dubai Government is taking concerted efforts to boost market sentiment, and to complement the Government initiatives, Emirates Gas has decided to further reduce the price of LG gas cylinders. This is the second price cut in the past two months offered by Emirates Gas.”

Hesham Ali Mustafa, General Manager, Emirates Gas, said: “The price reduction is part of our commitment to pass on benefits in costs to our customers in line with international trends. We have also introduced several safety features and other value-added services including maintenance and free replacement of cylinders that are 15 years old. These further reiterate the highest safety standards followed by Emirates Gas.”

In the last eight months, Emirates Gas changed over 200,000 cylinders incorporating new self-closing valves. The new valves have high-impact strength and are equipped with safety features like protective gaskets and domestic pressure regulators with an automatic cut-off mechanism to stop the flow of gas in case of a leakage. The regulator also has a fusible plug which will melt in case of fire.

“We continuously upgrade our services with initiatives such as online ordering and customised inventory management. Emirates Gas is continuously exploring ways to provide cost-effective solutions to our customers,” Mustafa added.

As the leading supplier in the UAE for LP Gas, Propane and Aerosol propellants, Emirates Gas also offers a range of eco-friendly products. Emirates Gas Aerosol Propellant (EGAP), one of its premium products, is a substitute for ozone depleting CFC products used in the perfume / deodorant industry and Cutting Edge Gas which is a replacement for Acetylene in the fabrication industry.

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