Thursday, January 29, 2009

GE Healthcare launches Lullaby™ Incubator TR and Lullaby™ Incubator XP for treatment of neonates at Arab Health Congress

Dubai, UAE; January 28, 2009: GE Healthcare, the US$17 billion healthcare business of General Electric Company (GE), today launches for the first time in the Middle East its Lullaby™ Incubator XP and Lullaby™ Incubator TR. These new incubators provide for the management of thermally sensitive infants in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) and during transport. The Lullaby™ XP and Lullaby™ TR will be on display during this week’s Arab Health Congress in Dubai.
Both Lullaby™ XP and TR, designed and developed at GE’s R&D Center in Turkey, are part of a MIC program to make high end technology more affordable, reliable and more accessible to larger segments of society. GE Healthcare plans to export the incubator systems across the Middle East as well as to Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.
According to Hisham Youssef, General Manager Ultrasound, Middle East, Africa & Turkey of GE Healthcare,“GE’s clinical partnerships, technology leadership and continuous investment in healthcare solutions allow us to invite healthcare’s top physicians ‘to the drawing board’ to re-imagine healthcare solutions. Together, we’re developing innovative healthcare solutions to help address some of today’s most pressing healthcare issues such as improving access to quality care in rural communities and developing regions of the world and, in developed regions, shifting to an ‘Early Health’ model of care.”
According to various neonatal experts, Prematurity is one of the most common conditions requiring medical attention in newborns. There are approximately 138 million newborns delivered in the world annually. About 10-12 per cent of these infants are premature and require some support to manage their body temperature in the NICU.
GE’s Lullaby Incubator XP combines high levels of clinical performance and with a simple flexible design, and easy to read controls for skin and air temperature. Our Lullaby XP creates an advanced microenvironment that enables providers to spend more time on direct patient care and less time on system operation.

Our Lullaby TR creates a stable transport environment for neonates that enable the provider to transfer the smallest and most vulnerable patients reliably and efficiently. Both Lullaby™ XP and Lullaby™ TR assist healthcare professionals in supporting the specialized needs of patients and families across the entire maternal-infant continuum.

“As a part of our overall business strategy, GE Healthcare plans to design and acquire products in varied segments to become a complete solutions provider in the healthcare and life sciences space. With our recent tie up with AMS, we have now started manufacturing these products in Turkey to expand our Maternal-Infant care portfolio. We plan to explore further opportunities to tap other potential segments,” added Hisham Youssef.
GE Healthcare, aims to bring high quality, advanced technology MIC systems such as the Lullaby™ Incubator XP and Lullaby™ Incubator TR to market, to address the growing needs of mothers and babies. GE is currently expanding its MIC and imaging products.

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