Wednesday, January 2, 2013

CII Forms Task Force on Women’s Safety

To go deeper into the subject of creating a safe environment for women, CII has set up a Task Force led by Mr Subodh Bhargava,Past President CII  who  will lead the initiative and consult civil society, students and women’s groups apart from industry  and submit its report  to the authorities at the soonest. This was announced by Mr Adi Godrej, President, CII in a press statement issued today. The CII Task Force would also provide inputs to the Government formed Task Force, which is being Chaired by the Union Home Secretary, the CII release mentioned.

The release said that crimes against women are of deep concern to all citizens of the country; this needs to be contained quickly and efficiently. Industry feels strongly that everyone should be safe through maintenance of good law and order.

CII is deeply saddened at the passing away of the young student who was savagely brutalised in a moving bus in the most heinous manner. CII salutes the enormous fighting spirit of the brave girl, who put in her best in her battle for survival and in spite of her very painful and irritrivable condition, provided enough evidence which helped in nabbing the culprits.

CII feels that the collective emotion that this incident has given rise to should not be allowed to dissipate.  It is now time for all citizens of this country to stand together to create a regime which ensures that such heinous crimes never gets repeated.

The Press release went on to say that CII feels that this can be done if, apart from other things, the legal system is deterrent enough to potential perpetrators of such crimes. This can be done if the judicial system ensures two things -  that punishment is meted out swiftly and definitively within a specified time frame, say three months. Secondly the nature of the punishment should be  exemplary and  strong enough deter potential perpetrators. 

The CII release said that the apex industry body would work with business, industry and civil society in recommending contours of such a regime. CII will also look into aspects other than the law which have an overarching impact on attitudes and mindsets.

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