Thursday, April 28, 2011

Month-long International Workers' Day Festival at DM Labour Accommodation

The Human Resources Department of Dubai Municipality will organize the International
Workers' Day Festival at the Municipality Labour Accommodation in Muhaisina-2.

The month-long festival, which will be held during 1-30 May, includes various cultural
activities and entertainment programmes such as music band, folklore dance performances
and lectures on different subjects.

Khalid Ali Bin Zayed, Director of Human Resources Department said that the Municipality
is keen to organize a festival on the occasion of the International Workers' Day to support
workers, giving them attention and care, and to highlight the significant role played by
various government departments in the promotion and application of social, cultural,
scientific, and religious methodologies and policies.

The ceremony, to be opened by Eng. Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai
Municipality, includes several cultural activities such as a magic show, music and dance
performances, which will continue throughout the month-long festival.

The events also include daily lectures from 5:30 pm until 6:30 pm; educational awareness
programs, religious competitions, cultural, social, religious and recreational activities, as
well as a program to teach Tajweed every weekend, and sports tournaments. The topics of
lectures include "HIV" presented by Dubai Police, "Human Resources Services", "Summer
Diseases/Vaccines", "Food Safety" and "Hygiene Monitoring in Labour Accommodation" and
a number of religious lectures, including "Sincere Work", "Tidiness and Prayer", "charity"
and "Blessed Life."

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