Thursday, April 28, 2011


Montblanc luxury writing instruments has created “Tribute to Mont Blanc” Collection which not only features

a unique interpretation of the iconic Meisterstück Writing Instrument in snow white but a selection of

jewellery and leather pieces for both men and women. Celebrating the natural beauty of the Mont Blanc, the

collection has been crafted using different stones and materials, reflecting the snow, ice and rocky surfaces

that make up Europe’s snowy summit. Every design detail and the intricate craftsmanship of each piece will

reflect the spirit and magnitude of the Mont Blanc mountain.

Because Montblanc believes in the importance of preserving the natural beauty of this mountain region

for future generations, the sale of the ‘’Tribute to the Mont Blanc’’ Collection will support projects and

organizations that work toward the protection and maintenance of the iconic Mont Blanc range.

Meisterstück Tribute to the Mont Blanc mountain While the ergonomic shape of the original design has

been maintained, the Meisterstück Tribute to the Mont Blanc has been masterfully and dramatically

transformed from its distinctive black to a pure white lacquer paying tribute to the snow of the mountain:

White for eternity. Furthermore, the Montblanc emblem at the top of the cap has been crafted from snow

crystal to reflect the glaciers of the Montblanc Massif and its eternal ice. The platinum plated forefront of

the writing instrument has been delicately engraved with the impressive panorama of the Montblanc Massif,

with each peak named.

The different materials used convey the beauty of the Mont Blanc. For women’s pieces: milky quartz like the

snow-covered summit of the glacier, vibrant blue lace agate like the sky above, translucent rose quartz like

the blossoming of Alpine roses. For men’s collections: stainless steel or platinum featuring intriguing dome-

shaped hard stones in either black onyx or white opaque howlite, adorned with a 0.06ct Montblanc Diamond

on each peak. With this unusual combination, Montblanc marries the boldness of mountain stone with the

luxury of fine diamonds.

The Collection marries classic design with a contemporary twist. Just like the Mont Blanc mountain an

unpredictable force, these pieces reflect the aesthetics of the mountain: they are bold and strong but will

surprise with their unconventional details.

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