Thursday, April 28, 2011

FINE Tissues unveils its New Look and Brand promise of a ‘Carefree World’

Arab Superbrand refreshes signature floral motif and renews commitment to

a ‘Carefree World’

Dubai, UAE – 27th April, 2011 – Fine Tissues, the premier household name in

hygienic paper products, today unveiled its new brand identity. While the familiar

pastel box that has been a part of almost every Arab household for the last 50

years in the Middle East, has evolved into a more modern contemporary design,

the new brand promise is an effort to actively involve the community in the

company’s efforts toward creating a carefree world.

This evolution was a natural progression for the company that has always

delivered on trust and care. The new identity is a bold and confident statement

that features the brand’s promise - “Carefree World of Fine”. The slogan is an

accurate reflection of the brand’s multiple offerings, regional presence and its

responsibility to provide a worry free product for its consumers. It also promises

to bring focus to the company’s extended capabilities, highlighting its renewed

commitment while maintaining its heritage and experience.

The launch coincided with the brand’s celebrating its 21st year in the UAE, the

revamp of its iconic logo and packaging showcases the long term commitment of

the brand to this region and its bold promise of social engagement.

“The new look is just the tip of the iceberg - the bigger promise is a renewed

commitment to further making a carefree world, whether this manifests in the

things that we produce, the technologies we use, our approach to business,

our involvement with the community or our efforts towards a sustainable

environment. With Fine’s continued growth, rebranding with a new voice and

identity is a logical progression for the brand. While the Fine brand is historic, it

is a forward-thinking one and well equipped to serve the needs of the community

and the marketplace. This new vision is a significant change for the brand that

has served generation after generation, and it is important for our consumers to

understand our continued commitment and dedication to serve them” said Peter

Janho, Chief Area Officer, Nuqul Group.

“The logo and brand promise is the most significant aspect of our new image.

It envelops our philosophy of continued customer care as we are committed to

understand their experience with, and how they perceive our brand” said Mazen

Kattan, Chief Marketing Officer, Nuqul Group.

“A host of specialists have worked tirelessly on the brand and the result is a much

more modern and contemporary take on the signature floral theme of the Fine

brand,’ added Sami Awad Marketing Director, Nuqul Group.

The new brand identity replaces a historical brand that had been used since the

launch of the company over 50 years ago. Fine Tissues used specialist branding

and communications agencies to develop the new brand identity that is more

representative of the brand’s future. The new visual representation of the brand

will appear across all media used in the advertising campaign, on all printed

collateral and on a newly rebranded website.


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