Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Kochi to make Breakthrough in Aesthetic Treatments First time in South India, Modern Devices ‘Venus Legacy’ and ‘Venus Versa’ Launched

·         As part of the launh, Signature Venus Beauty Even, hosted by Venus Concept India and Doctors Aesthetics Centre, will be held. The event will feature a ‘Treatment Bar’, which will provide ‘express treatments’ on problem areas such as jaw line, skin texture, pigmentation, fine lines etc.

Kochi: Venus Concept, a revolutionary leader in the field of medical aesthetics industry, has launched their powerful and advanced aesthetic treatment devices - Venus Legacy and Venus Versa - in Kochi for the first time in South India. Beauty treatments facilitated by these devices will be available at the Doctors Aesthetics Centre (DAC) Skin Laser Treatment Centre at Palarivattom.  
Commenting on the launch, Dr. Joy Shah, Partner and Strategic Consultant, Venus Aesthetics LLP said, “Venus India has established a strong presence in the western parts of the country, with our footprints in North, East and South zones as well. With the launch of Venus Legacy and Venus Versa in Kochi, we are moving towards our vision of expanding base across the country, in tier-2 cities, ensuring that the wide-ranging Venus treatments that are both effective and affordable, are available to everyone.”
The launch of the devices will be celebrated with a Signature Venus Beauty Event hosted by Venus Concept India and Dr. George Varghese Koluthara, Managing Director, Doctors Aesthetics Centre, Kochi. The event will feature a Treatment Bar where the guests will be able to experience ‘express treatment’ on their problem areas such as jaw line, skin texture, pigmentation, fine lines, etc through Venus Viva and Venus Legacy – Venus Concept’s two most popular treatment devices.
Dr. George Koluthara, a pioneer in the field of laser skin treatment in Kerala said, “Doctors Aesthetic Centre is an advanced centre for skin laser and cosmetic procedures. We have the latest laser treatment machines to treat various hair and skin concerns. Since the past few months we’ve been using Venus Viva and Venus Legacy and are pleased with the fantastic results on our patients. We are now introducing Venus Versa at the clinic to treat pigmented lesions, vascular lesions and hair removal.”
Doctors Aesthetics Centre popularly known as “DAC Skin Laser Treatment” centre is an advanced centre for skin laser and cosmetic procedures. DAC is specialized in various cosmetic procedures like Botox treatment, Dermal fillers, Vampire facelift, Dermal thread lift, Chemical peeling, Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment, Radiance Facial, Collagen Induction Therapy, Electroporation etc. It is equipped with most advanced laser machines for treatments like Permanent Hair Reduction, Stretch Marks, Facial Wrinkles, Acne Scars, Black Mole, Tattoo Removal, Melasma, Warts, Corns, Skin Tag, Aging Black Spots, Neurofibromatosis, Xanthelasma Molluscum Contagiosum, Sebaceous Cyst, Capillary Haemangioma, Trichilemmoma, Milia, Seborrheic Keratosis, Keloid, Tuberous Sclerosis and more.
Venus Concept is a revolutionary leader in the medical aesthetics industry with 15 years of experience in the field of dermatology. The company through its own R&D and by investing extensive resources in developing devices has created cutting edge technologies that are safe, painless and affordable. Venus Concept is present in over 50+ countries with over 3,000,000+ treatments performed in a year globally.
Venus Concept offers an extensive range of aesthetics treatments through their diverse portfolio of devices with Venus Viva and Venus Legacy being two such devices that will be used for the express treatment at the event. Venus Viva is the next generation treatment device in skin resurfacing and facial remodelling, combining NanoFractional Radio Frequency and SmartScan technology to effectively treat textural irregularities, scarring, wrinkles and stretch marks.
On the other hand, Venus Legacy for face, neck and body is a non-invasive treatment that uses Multi-Polar Radio Frequency, VariPulse Technology and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields to soften deep wrinkles, contour fat pockets, reduce volume, tighten skin and dramatically reduce cellulite to give a firm and enhanced body shape.
Venus treatments are popular among doctors and patients alike because of advanced and effective technology, pain-free and comfortable treatment experience, no downtime post treatment, safe for all skin types and optimal outcomes.
All Venus treatment devices used in India are approved by USFDA, Health Canada and European CE.
For more details, contact: Dr. George Koluthara – 93886 05656


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