Friday, June 17, 2016

Play your Way to Learn Investing in Stocks; Hedge Equities launches mobile game app

Kochi: Finding tough to learn basics of stock market? Here you have a solution thanks to Hedge Equities, one of the leading financial services company based in Kochi. Aimed at educating younger generation about the basics of stock trading, Hedge Equities has launched a mobile game app, TORO e ORSO, an Italian term for ‘bull and bear. The game was earlier launched as a board game and well received among the youth. According to the company, the game will make learning the basics of stock trading, simple. The app was developed with the support of Hedge School of Applied Economics, Kochi. The company said that objective of the game is to make people understand that stock market is not a pure game of chance as it depends on lots of other factors, both globally and nationally.

Commenting on the app, Alex K Babu, Managing Director, Hedge Equities, said that using apps and games is the best way to teach youngsters about the basics of share trading as they acquaint with everything easily through such games.

The android-based game, launched as a single player one, has three levels – beginner, amateur and professional. While the beginner level has 10 rounds, amateur and professional levels have 20 and 40 rounds respectively.

Initially, players will get a virtual amount of Rs 5000, which can be used to invest in any one of the ten sectors – oil and gas, telecom, FMCG, automobile, realty, pharma, power, IT, metal and banking. The sectors will be marked on the spinning wheel. With the spinning of the wheel, chance cards appear and it indicates an effect that could positively and negatively affect any of the sectors. For example, a chance card might have in it, ‘deficit monsoon’ and therefore it will lead to a loss of 100 points if the player has investments in FMCG sector. Another chance card may indicate “entering into more verticals in association with other global players” and it will lead to increase in the value of the stock by 50 points.

After each chance cards, scores will be displayed and a micro card will appear after each level. A micro card will announce news affecting all the ten sectors and mutual funds simultaneously. After the completion of all rounds, a scoreboard will show difference between gains made and losses incurred by the player. According to the developer, the game enables the player to assess his decisions by analyzing the portfolio and the score.


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